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I have been running my own catering business for over 10 years from my kitchen here at Sowberry. I have been able to do many things as a Chef, present on local radio, create and run a food festival for five years, winning three awards for tourism along the way! I have also developed a range of cookery courses and teach at a number of cookery schools and demonstrate at food festivals.

The time has come to open up my kitchen to the world of online cookery! I am developing a range of videos to help with learning skills in the kitchen as well as cooking recipes. I have also started live online cookery sessions where you can buy the ingredients, prepare them prior to the live session and then cook along with me! All the documentation is provided as part of the session. If required I can design specific sessions for team-building, celebrations and other events.



A wide range of recipes available from the recipe library on Paul’s catering website Please take a look and download any of the recipes for free.

Canapes March 2020


A range of videos covering skills, good practice, and cooking. All designed to help to gain experience and confidence in the kitchen.

Online Cookery sessions

Live action during a Team Building online cookery session teaching two recipes to a group spread around Europe.

Need to support your team?

With many teams spread across the country and Europe tools like Zoom and Teams have brought people closer together both in business and in families. Team Building is a key part of any managers role in keeping morale, motivation and positivity high. I have developed a model for cookery team building sessions that involve the team, create ideas and develop skills. If you would like to know more please click here.

The videos are currently under development – there will be further announcements as they are added to the website

“I heard from my mum & dad after they had eaten and they were very happy with the meal which also makes us happy.  The special event was given a lift by a special meal in unusual circumstances and the touch of luxury made a difference.

Thank you for an excellent service and your friendly and efficient communications.

Good luck for the future and stay safe.”

Marc and Carole – June 2020

Let’s make something beautiful together.



A big thank you to Lauren at Lauren Lettering for my new branding! I am really pleased with it! It has received great comments. You can reach Lauren here. 07474934566