Currently under development are the following services.

Recipes with supporting videos and documentation to download, Cookery courses with full documentation and videos, and live Online Cookery Sessions.

Recipes and the process of cooking the dishes are underway and videos with the recipes will be available as they become ready.

Cookery courses that have been developed and taught will also be put on video and made available.

The live Online Cookery sessions are designed for groups of people, family and friends, or for teams in a company for team building! If you are interested in one of these sessions please Contact Paul here.

Recorded in my professional kitchen the opportunity to share cooking tips, recipes, or just enjoy the process of cooking, please have a look and see which of these services will be perfect for your needs.

The videos will be posted as they become available.

Clementine & Feta Salad


Learn to cook a couple of recipes, either a main course and a side dish or a main course and a dessert. Choose which video you would like to cook and have a go at home.

Normandy Apple Tart

Cookery Sessions

Cookery Sessions built on the courses developed for cookery schools. These are sessions enjoyed by students now in video form to watch from home.

Live Online Cookery

Live Online Cookery sessions designed to bring people together around food and cooking. Learn something new and have some fun at the same time!

Let’s make something beautiful together.

My Light Banana Bread Recipe

Using up overripe bananas to make a delicious light bread that is perfect for elevenses or afternoon tea!

This recipe comes from a book by Robert Carrier – Cakes and Pastries. Published in the mid eighties.

For more recipe go to: Recipes