Canapes Menu 2021

Canapes Menu 2021

The Isle of Wight Cookery School – Catering Canapes List 2021, is an extensive list of canapes for any event.

If you are looking for Canapes, this list offers a wide range of delicious morsels to hit the taste buds of your guests!

A basic guide to how many you need is 2-4 per hour per person. If you plan to just offer canapes for that informal get together, you can offer sweet canapes to round off the occasion!

Pricing will depend on the number of canapes required and the number of different canapes selected. Price per canape is between 80p and £1.75p.

We hand make all our canapes for the occasion and client. This means that we spent a lot of care and time making the canapes, ensuring that they will impress your guests when served!