Introduction to the Isle of Wight Cookery School

My catering business has been in operation for over 10 years now. During that time, I developed a range of cookery courses. Teaching courses at several cookery schools, including the WI Cookery School, at Denman College for six years. I was the manager of the WI Cookery School for six months! The idea of creating an online cookery school has been on my mind for some time. The courses have created are relevant today so these will be the first set of courses available here.

With the pandemic and moving to the IoW recently, it has been a busy 2021. I could not operate as a caterer during the lockdowns and it has not been until July that I have been able to cater for clients.

There are ten courses which you can find overviews of here. I have taught these courses at cookery schools, such as the WI Cookery School and also for private clients. Each course will have videos of the recipes, plus all documentation (Recipes, shopping list and equipment list) will be available for download. For more information please go to Home Cookery Courses.

My aim is to make the learning experience enjoyable, especially as you will be working in your own kitchen as you work through the course.

This video explains more about the school.

Day Courses.

If you are interested in having a hands on course, we can set up a bespoke class for you. If you want to learn how to fillet and cook a fish, cook it, or de-bone a chicken to cook a Chicken Galantine we a happy to devise your own menu/recipes for up to people.

Please contact us directly to so we can discuss the day course you would like. Go to the