I found the Isle of Wight Meat Company when I was looking for a meat supplier. Located nearby at Cheverton Farm, Shorwell, the farm rears beef, sheep and pigs. With a new butchery, cold store and ageing rooms, they have a modern and safe facility. Customers can buy directly online from them and collect their order. For other clients such as restaurants, hotels and so on they will deliver orders as needed.

When I contacted Rikki at the IOW Meat Company, went to meet him, and swiftly bundled into a 4×4 truck for a 30-minute tour of the farm! The views from the top fields of the island and beyond were wonderful. Then back to tour the butchery and other parts of the farm. A great way to be introduced to the business and what it does.

This episode is with the owner, Andrew Hodgson. He has farming written all the way through him, so he says. I wanted to get an idea of how the business came about and how it has grown. I had not met Andrew before, and he has a passion for the business he has built, keeping it going, especially in these challenging economic times! I also wanted to know about how they can track every part of the meat from field to plate! It is a fascinating part of the entire business of raising meat, selling it to retailers and customers! Enjoy listening to him and his selection of music! You can learn more at the website


The next episode will be Blueberrys Cafe in Shanklin, a much loved family run cafe, with an amazing range of cakes to enjoy!

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