Welcome to the Food and Music IOW Podcast!
The first trailer episode introduces the podcast. This is a food and drink podcast which includes my conversations with producers of food and drink, chefs, and any place where food and drink is made, prepared, cooked, served, plus a some recipes for you to try. The settling is the Isle of Wight which boasts beautiful beaches, countryside, wildlife and so much more. I hope the podcast will inspire you about food and drink, also about the Isle of Wight.
I am a chef, catering for clients here on the island, holiday makers and locals. Sourcing local food is important to me and as I found out when I started looking for ingredients, the range of producers here is second to none anywhere in the UK. I like finding producers whose product is fresh, and high quality. Ideally, the bulk of what I prepare comes from island producers. The hospitality sector here uses as much locally sourced ingredients as it can and as you will hear through the conversations with producer and hotels, restaurants, cafes, pubs and so on. 
I founded the Wallingford Food Festival in 2011 to highlight local food and drink. The podcast is much like the food festival as a project and it represents the passion I have for local food and drink. It is my way of celebrating the local food, drink and hospitality heroes on the Isle of Wight!
I hope you will subscribe to the podcast and follow the FoodandMusicIOW Facebook page. All recipes will be posted there for you to cook for yourself.
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