The Water Mill at Calbourne.

This is the only working water mill on the Isle of Wight! Sally Chaucer is the custodian and owner, along with her children. They have a historic site and technology which is still producing flour. The history spans two millennia and is a vital part of the collective history of the Isle of Wight. The care and dedication that Sally takes with the mill and all the things they do there is wonderful. I think that comes across in the conversation we had. Her choice of music is also a powerful reflection of the past, present and what the future of the Water Mill can be.

The technology that is maintained and working at the Water mill is over 150 years old and holds a fascination for anyone interested in engineering but also food, as flour is a staple that we rely on for bread, cakes and so on. Having this wonderful site on the doorstep is great, but if you visit the Isle of Wight, it is a place that you must visit to learn about the history and the flour milling that happened on the site for decades!

This is the version without the music available.

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