Isle of Wight Cookery School – Home Cookery Courses

Welcome to the Cookery Courses!

I have created and taught many courses at cookery schools as well as online or at food festivals and so on. All these recipes have been tried and presented to audiences large and small. The idea of creating a series of books of the courses came to me when I was cooking in my new kitchen. I hope that you enjoy trying these courses and recipes in your own kitchen, at your own pace. If you need help, just click the course name and the support page will be available to you. Please use these free resources when you need to.

What is in the series?

Starters and Desserts: Great recipes for either side of the main course.

BBQ Masterclass: Much more than meat on a BBQ!

Cooking for Family and Friends

Contemporary Vegetarian: not just salads!

Chicken Masterclass – the versatility of a simple bird! Great recipes, fantastic dishes!

Preparing Ahead: Great recipes to cook ahead for special or daily meals.

Canapes Masterclass: Mastering the miniature!

Pies, Pates & Terrines: Classic traditional, simple recipes.

Meals in minutes: Great food, prepared and cooked quickly!

Cooking Gluten-Free recipes: Simpler than you might think!

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