BBQ Masterclass

The minute it feels warm we unpack the gas barbeque or clean off the charcoal barbeque and plan the first BBQ of the year. The method of cooking on a BBQ is basic and brings us closer to the food. Would you like to learn how to cook on a BBQ and try some different and exciting recipes, so that you can impress your friends this summer?

This is a course I have taught and also I have done it as a demonstration with the added bonus the food I cook is for the guests who have paid a modest amount for a ticket. I take the time to explain about cooking on a BBQ, the difference between gas and charcoal bbqs and how to prepare the ingredients for each dish.

These pictures are from one of the evenings BBQ sessions. The BBQ Masterclass was created!

If you want to learn more about BBQ and cook some recpies sign up for the BBQ Masterclass here.

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