Welcome to my new blog! I am a Chef. I have been running my own catering business for over 10 years now. It is time to change the direction of my business. This is the start of that change.

I am working on developing an online cookery course, creating videos for each element in the course. The challenge is to deliver this work as soon as possible. I have a full working professional kitchen that I work in for all the events that I have catered for and now my challenge is to open up the kitchen not only by creating the course but by running live online Cookery Sessions. For more information on this please check out my Courses page.

Through this blog I want to share each step along the way and other related food and drink thoughts.

I am a member of the Guild of Food Writers. you can find out more about the Guild here:

I have had a varied career from computer technologist, software developer, marketing manager, cookery school manager and business owner. These roles have helped me build my current business and hopeful given me the tools to redefine my business whilst retaining the focus on food!

The process has been fun and hard work, with lots of fun and enjoyment along the way. From weddings to private dinners, funerals to corporate events the opportunity to feed people from across the world has been amazing. I have cooked for Chinese bankers, Consultants from some of the well known companies, rowing crews from Oxford, the British Rowing Association, Aston Martin Heritage Trust, some of the UK’s larger home building companies and more.

Along the way I also founded and created a food festival that ran for five successful years, winning three awards for tourism. Cor-ordinating this event was challenging but the sense of achievement after each years festival was amazing, the feedback from the visitors positive (on the whole) and the numbers grew year on year!

If you are interested in food and drink I hope I can provide you some unique insights and views of the world of cooking, food and working in a kitchen.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions please drop me a line at Contact Paul .

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